Carbon Tax

Carbon Tax

In the summer of 2017, following a presentation to the Iqaluit Chamber of Commerce, I released a discussion paper on carbon pricing in Nunavut.

Discussion Paper – Carbon Pricing

I want to encourage widespread discussion that examines:

  • What is carbon pricing?

  • What are the fiscal implications for the territory?

  • What impact would carbon pricing have on the cost of living in Nunavut?

  • What alternatives exist to diesel for Nunavut communities?

I have raised this issue several times in the Senate during Question Period both with ministers and the Government Representative in the Senate.  I have also spoken publicly about this issue.

The government promised that a study examining the potential impacts of any cap-and-trade regime in Nunavut would be developed cooperatively with the federal and territorial governments.  Senator Harder has told me numerous times to expect that report by fall of 2017.  To date, it still has not be completed.  Because we still are not clear on the impacts, I have argued multiple times that the government needs to slow down and not rush to put a carbon tax in place by 2018. I argue that Nunavut should be exempted.

That’s my take but I want to hear from you.  What do you think about the potential Carbon Tax?  Let us know!