A Proposed Pathway to Changing Nutrition North

In August, 2008, the Dargo report, commissioned by the Government of Canada through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, identified issues and recommendations to improve the Food Mail Program.

The Food Mail Program would eventually be replaced by Nutrition North Canada (NNC).

Efforts were made to ensure that consumers were seeing the benefits and feeling the difference in their wallets but further reform is necessary.

Read the op-ed I wrote on the matter here: Op-Ed – Nutrition North, October 26, 2018

In April, 2018, I held a roundtable with smaller retailers that are part of the Nutrition North program.  I also invited the local Iqaluit HTO, NTI and incorporated community feedback from Grise Fiord to come up with recommendations for real change.

Read my Recommendations for Change: Recommendations for Change – Nutrition North