There are many exciting new projects happening throughout the territory, and several important issues that require attention.  Check here for a frequently updated list of important articles related to these topics.

National Aboriginal History Month:

Senators Reflect on Aboriginal History Month

Senate launches “Youth Indigenize the Senate 2017”

Youth Indigenize the Senate Day

Phoenix Pay Issues:

Nunavut senator working to fast-track Phoenix pay system issues in the territory

Phoenix pay problems doubly hard for Nunavut, northerners, senator says

Nunavut Senator speaks out on troubled Phoenix pay system

Inuit Housing Issues:

What can $1,800 get you for housing in the North? Nothing

Inuit housing shortage a public health emergency, Senate committee says

‘Inadequate and unsafe’ Inuit housing needs national fix, say senators

Housing issues on the front burner at Nunavut legislature

Inuit leader hopes Senate housing report goes beyond ‘shock and awe’

Senators head North to study Inuit housing crisis


Response to Nunavut’s balanced budget calls for more funding from feds


Competition heats up to build Canada’s first Arctic fibre line, as Inuit want in

‘Fibre is Nunavut’s railroad’: Senator boosts new pitch for Pan-Arctic fibre optic cable to bring decent Internet to the north

Natural Resources:

‘Vast’ wealth: Nunavut at a crossroads when it comes to untapped mineral riches

Ottawa not ready to back Nunavut’s road to the Arctic Ocean

Nunavut fighting for its shrimping licences as quota cuts loom

Are attitudes around seal products changing?

Electoral Reform:

Electoral reforms should enhance Indigenous voter turnout: committee


Because It’s 2016: Why Do You Still Need to Own Land to Be a Senator?

Sen. Dennis Patterson ramps up work on behalf of Nunavut

Senators vote against broadening assisted-dying bill

Dennis Patterson tables bill to remove land ownership requirement for senators

Smart advice for Trudeau on Senate reform

Sen. Dennis Patterson wants to remove Senate’s ‘elitist’ eligibility requirements

Nunavut’s Conservative senator enthusiastic about working with Liberals

Senator says Indigenous people must be part of Quebec-Nunavut boundary talks

“Foreign money” threatens Canadian sovereignty, Nunavut senator says


Danger of Russian rocket debris downplayed by officials, but Arctic locals fear it